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About Wolf-Tek LLC

Wolf-Tek is a pioneer in the field of GIS applications. We develop products related to our core GIS technology. Our apps are available in the iOS and Android marketplaces.

Wolf-Tek CEO Michael Golden was trekking through the tall Alabama pines in 2011, frustrated by paper maps and complicated surveying equipment. He was spending too much time wrestling with what seemed to be primitive forms of land management.

His frustration, paired with a natural passion for all things tech-related, led him to take the concept of mobile GIS and create Wolf GIS, a comprehensive and user-friendly GIS application for smart phones. Wolf GIS was a hit with Michael and many other professionals in the land management industry.

Michael realized that Wolf GIS did not just fill a need within his industry, but it could be useful in countless other industries. With an innovative spirit and a focus toward creating high quality, yet easy-to-use GIS products, Michael founded Wolf-Tek.

Today, the mobile GIS platform has taken Wolf-Tek into different markets and expanded the unique product line. A group of software engineers in Washington State, an innovation and marketing team in Birmingham, Ala., and a sales team in Atlanta, Ga. make up the Wolf-Tek family.

Less than five years following Michael’s invention of Wolf GIS, and its one-of-a-kind Tract-Lock feature, Wolf-Tek now holds 7 awarded patents, over 30 patents pending, and continues to grow and innovate each day.

Wolf-Tek’s ultimate goal is to put worldwide users and customers on the path to success with valuable mobile GIS-based products and tools.